How much is the rental car in Italy?

How much is the rental car in Italy?Italy is a very beautiful country as is the case with other European countries it is better to travel by car. To do this on private transport can not all. Most popular rental cars.

What documents are needed for car rental in Italy?

Required driving license of international standard. You can use Ukrainian or Russian rights, if they are to fill in the data used Latin letters. In Italy you can rent a car from the age of eighteen. If the machine is refilled with diesel fuel, the rent is cheap. This fact significantly reduces the initial payment, because the car is issued with a full tank. On the bail amount is affected by the cost of diesel fuel or gasoline.

The week rolled on the average will have to pay about 350 euros. There is a possibility to book a car on the dedicated website. You can take a car rental at the airport after arrival. But that would be more expensive and the choice of machine will also be not as significant. In the terminal building there are places where you can hire a car. You can choose almost any car class, for example, medium, budget, sports options and any other.

The hire price

The average cost for renting a vehicle typically in the range of 20-80 euros for one day. If you choose the car class economy, we have to pay about 20 euros, if the middle class, 33. A standard car will usually cost you about 60 euros. A full-sized model, and can take on all 80.

Features of some popular suggestions from the companies-distributors

The best option would be to book in advance the car, because in this case you can save. You can do this on websites of distributors. If you rent a car in local companies or in the terminal, you have to pay about a third more, and the range of machines offered will be very limited. Another advantage of booking your car is the ability to choose a good rental company that offers the most favorable conditions in Italy. In General, you should look on the market rental offers. Best to start with the most popular companies that hire in Italy. You can read reviews about them. This will allow to create a complete picture of decency and secure a distributor.

Among the most popular companies can be divided MOVERS, Europcar, Maggiore Rent, Treno e Scooter Rent, BLrentservice and many others. Large companies sometimes provide discounts to their customers, so you should pay attention primarily on them. In this case there will be no risk with dubious firms. Better to pay a little more, but get all services at a high quality level, than in the pursuit of insignificant savings to encounter unnecessary problems.

Filling out the order form for rental cars

Usually on the websites of the distributors not support Russian language, but sometimes you can go to any of the known languages, e.g. in English. An interesting feature of these resources is the fact that there you can find different prices for services, which are presented for different languages. Therefore it is necessary after the optimal choice of the company to view deals in several languages. Thus, you get to choose the cheapest offer for the car rental.

To order a car, you need to select the city in which he will climb on the car. On the website usually presents a list of cities where this possibility exists. You also need to choose a place where after the expiration of the contract will be put in the car. Then set the date and time when the person is going to pick a car from the rental company. You must specify the date of arrival. Also specify the day and time of delivery of the vehicle. Can’t be late, so we need to think carefully about the time before which will certainly be able to arrive to the final destination. This is all very important because even half an hour late you can get a premium to the cost of car rental for another day. The form usually contains data on the age of the person who will manage them.

Machine selection on the website

After filling in a special form to start searching for rental offices in Italy. Need to pick up the car on some key parameters, such as the presence of an automatic gearbox and air conditioning. By the way, the machine with the machine usually costs more. Therefore, to conserve advised to take a mechanic with diesel engine. After entering the settings, the system automatically shows the names of distributors where you can rent a car. You have to choose one of them and click on the name, then go to the page for ordering on rent.

Features of payment and fill the form

After the transition to the company page, you need to enter an email address in the personal information section. Also there usual age, name, phone, country, and the number of drivers and passengers. You can also make a choice some additional options, for example, rent of road circuits, Navigator. Then there is a payment. You need to enter the type bankauskaite, its serial number and other required information. Car rental companies work only with these cards, because of what their absence immediately puts a cross on renting a car. On account of saved a Deposit for the car, the amount of which is the rental amount. So guys, to play safe, if it is necessary to impose on the client’s penalties, for example, for delay or damage of property.

Some special conditions for car rental

Usually to rent the car you want insurance. His main point is the franchise. Insurance is included in the Deposit, frozen on the credit card. For example, if the contract bills for the franchise in thousand Euro, in case of unforeseen accident, the loss will be smaller. It will be debited from the client’s account. The insurance can be clear or zero deductible.

Additional, but very important terms of the lease

The amount of the contract may include many parameters, for example, limited or unlimited mileage. If there are any restrictions on the way, and the man drove over the limit, you may be charged an additional fee. At the time of delivery of the vehicle tank must be filled with the same amount of fuel as at the time of receipt. Offices may establish the minimum age of the person who will be able to control the car.

After all detalii of the contract will be taken into account and the person will not have any claims, you have to put a checkmark in the appropriate fields in the form on the website, i.e. in the “Terms & Conditions”. This is a confirmation of the booking of the car. The mail is sent the message that should be printed. When the machine is taken in the company, you need to present a printed letter. You need to check the condition of the car. If there are defects or scratches, then you need to document all this, so you do not have to pay. Tourist should know while riding in a rented car traffic rules that apply in Italy, features Parking, use of toll roads, etc. After the end of the lease you have to take the car to a special reception centre.