Hyundai Getz is a safe, stylish and comfortable car

Hyundai Getz is a safe, stylish and comfortable carGetz is a small class model presented at the Geneva motor show in 2002; in the same year, began mass production. Car Getz is available in two versions, a 3-door version and 5-door hatchback version. Designers Getz tried to create a car that was not only compact and stylish, but also meet all safety regulations in force at the moment in the world.

Getz literally sets a new level of quality, which can repeat, not all manufacturers of compact cars. Excellent ratio quality-price made this the most popular car in its class, but if you consider that the design and Assembly of Getz made famous by the Hyundai group. the competitors to this car.

The car’s interior has been carefully thought out by the designers of the manufacturer, the driver will be surrounded by high-tech atmosphere, which will contribute as a digital dashboard, with large hands and dials, and well placed controls of the vehicle. Taken into account the smallest details, from adjusting mirrors and ending the General control panel electronically. Not less carefully constructors Getz came to the question of the carriage of Luggage, the car can be easily transformed, allowing you to carry just a huge amount.

Comfort passengers in the vehicle supports the climate system, which thanks to the special filter, ensure the interior is clean air whose temperature can be adjusted depending on weather conditions. The steering wheel is equipped with controls for audio system, podstakannik for the front passenger and driver, holders for sunglasses, surround glovebox and related things – the creators of this car is not stingy with the little things to ensure comfort.

Color of seat covers designed to fit in with the style of the car, these colors are combined with practical materials, and the entire interior of the car is made in a single color, which is painted panel doors and steering wheel. Hyundai Getz comes with one of three engines with a volume of 1.1 liter, 1.4 liter and 1.6 liter and power respectively 66 HP 97 HP and 106 HP Engine capacity of 1.4 liters and 1.6 liters equipped with DOHC naturally. Engines in this series are equipped with mechanical 5-speed gearbox and a 4 speed automatic.

Manual provides the most economical operation of the engine and automatic transmission is simply indispensable when operating in the city. Motors mounted on the Hyundai Getz, comply with the EURO4 norm. Economical car also can please future owner; when using the automatic gearbox and the most powerful engine offered by the manufacturer, the flow rate will be only 6.7 liters in mixed mode operation. Vehicle suspension provides optimum traction and allows to achieve excellent stability and softness while driving.

According to the results of EURO NCAP Getz has received 4 stars for the security of passengers, 4 stars for child safety that allows you to talk about this car as the safest in its class. Getz is equipped with everything necessary to ensure the safety of lives of the passengers of the cabin, cushions and safety belts the last generation that will soften the blow in case of an accident. The car is equipped with anti-blocking system ABS brakes, allowing the driver to avoid dangerous situations and increases the efficiency of the braking system.