How to be a female car

How to be a female carPeople’s opinions about what should be the vehicle for women are very different from each other. But still it would be nice to collect a single image of a woman’s car, taking into account all wishes and advice received in the survey of several hundred women and men. How it happened, you can learn by reading this article.

The opinion of men. The car is designed to travel on it women should have small size and attractive appearance. The best choice, according to the majority of men who participated in the survey, is a car classes b, C according to European classification with a beautiful exterior. Also, almost all men have chosen for their halves 3-door hatchbacks, citing the fact that ladies go alone or with a child or friend. Only one representative of the stronger part of humanity would have bought his wife a large SUV for safety in an accident.

Color women’s car was almost unanimously chosen bright yellow or scarlet. Also, taking into account the driving skills of women, some of the men wished to see on a woman’s car unpainted bumper from elastic materials. And the lower part of the doors, they believe, better protect the lining of plastic, which will prevent dents when Parking or turning in a limited space.

The opinion of women. Ladies, like men, think that the machine must be beautiful, although the concept of beauty is very individual and for each of the respondents it is submitted on his own. As for dimensions, women do not believe that their car must be small. Ladies with the driving experience more than 3 years, was strongly against the fact that they needed it small car. It is understandable, because the size of the car cease to be of special importance in case of confident driving. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that more than 30 percent of the women interviewed would like to purchase an impressive SUV, contrary to the erroneous assumptions of the male half.

Only with than women agreed with the men is the color of the car. More than half of the ladies chose the bright red car. Second place went to yellow color with different shades from lemon to Golden. Only a small percentage of the fashionable lady would have stopped the choice on black. In addition, women considered themselves neat drivers, and none of them mentioned the plastic bumpers and wide pads, or maybe just forgot about it.