BMW E36 – comfortable and safe in driving

BMW E36 – comfortable and safe in driving Series: 3 Body: the E36 model Years: 1991-1998

In 1991 began a massive sale BMW series E30. The model had two versions: four-door and two-door modification modification sedan.

**BMW 316i** has a 4 – cylinder and 8 – valve engines and can achieve a maximum speed of 190 km/h. unlike the older e30 modification, the model has become more dynamic design, but also more long and wide body design. The aerodynamic properties of the vehicle is allowed to accelerate the car up to speed 202 km/h. **316i and 318i models** this series have improved four-cylinder engines are also more powerful versions are 24 – valve “six”. Sleek lines of the car chassis and multi-link rear suspension allowed to make the car as safe to operate. In 1992 appeared immediately three versions of the series E36 coupe BMW 3 – series E36 Couple 320i, 325i and E36 M3 Сouple. All models received an engine capacity of 6 liters and the system timing VANOS for intake valves. Gorgeous body Assembly and more extensive amount of interior and trunk, the best materials used in the interior – all this made this model even more attractive to the buyer.

BMW E36 series is a superbly balanced car with 50/50 weight distribution. On E36 slightly changed body design, new headlamps with a single glass. Already since 1993, such modifications appear E36, coupe, convertible and wagon

One of the most powerful models are equipped with strong capabilities with the consumption of 8.9 l/100 km an hour with a special valve timing. On a modification of the M3 system was installed SMG. Like KP equipped with a hydraulic transmission, which can operate as a “machine” and “handbrake”. New 143 HP turbo diesel engine has a special cooler air, the so-called “intercooler”. Excellent wagon BMW 3 series E36 equipped with a powerful engine, 170 HP

Since 1997, the model added a new aspherical rear view mirrors, new grille, and the car was equipped with a special traction control system, Thus a new series T36 has become more convenient, high-speed model, as compared to the previous models were significantly improved driving performance, new options are added, the car itself was much more maneuverable and economical. Main Auto Parts Contacts