GMC Savana

GMC SavanaBrand GMC is a division of General Motors company, GMC specializes in the manufacture of pickups, SUVs and crossovers. Brand GMC has long established itself as a manufacturer of automobiles for travel, daily work or auto for each day.

Immediately it should be noted that in this review we are talking about cars GMC Savana ( Giemsa Shroud ) that produce plants of General Motors, about the cars that have not been tuning in any company, it comes standard passenger van GMC Savana.

Van GMC Savana was first presented to the public in 1996 and immediately won the sympathy of the people prefer to travel with comfort and great company. Now the car GMC Savana is available in different models, specifications and dimensions. Some cars GMC Savana can accommodate up to 15 passengers. There is quite a bit of cars of this class which can compare with the GMC Savana power, performance, cost and build quality.

GMC Savana is available in two main trim levels: LS and LT. Now the car GMC Savana in dimension is available in three versions this is the 1500, 2500 and 3500. Both picking the LS and LT are equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD). Car GMC Savana available with a minimum of three passenger doors and hinged rear tailgate.

For the GMC Savana are available in two types of engine type V8. For the modification of the 1500 uses a standard and time-tested, engine displacement 5.3 liter 310 horsepower at 5,200 rpm. we Can say that this engine is omnivorous, it can run on ordinary gasoline Ron 92 and the biofuels E85 ethanol. Motor adaptation to biofuels due to the gradual transition of the American shore on ethanol as an alternative fuel from oil. Together with the 5.3 liter engine the car is equipped with 5-speed automatic transmission.

For sizes 2500 and 3500 use the V8 engine capacity of 6.0 liters. Six liter engine develops power to 323 HP at 4400 rpm Cars with 6.0 liter engine equipped with 6 speed automatic transmission.

Five and six speed boxes have features Overdrive (High transmission for driving on the highway, saving fuel and Tow/Haul Mode (with long passes required with a heavy load or towing a trailer).

Equipment GMC Savana LS less comfortable than LT. Necessarily a complete LS and LT includes 16-inch steel stamped discs for modification 2500 and 3500 and 17-inch for modification of 1500, air conditioning for driver and front passenger, attachment for child seats, Cup holders, a set of information sensors for the driver (sensor, tire pressure, power reserve, etc.), tinted rear Windows, radio FM/AM band and two speakers, rear view mirror with autosoterism, two additional 12 volt sockets, steering column lock, power steering, tow bar. In picking the LS interior is decorated with plastic, the seats have a vinyl coating.

The LT package, besides the above includes: chrome front and rear bumper, rear air conditioning for passengers, heater, power Windows, power door locks with remote control, alarm and press the “Panic” on the keychain remote control, cruise control, lights compartment, outside temperature. Car GMC Savana in picking LT has carpeted floor with rubber mats and fabric seat upholstery.

In van GMC Savana can be additionally installed: 6CD/MP3 changer with 6 speakers, electric adjustable seats for the driver and passenger in 6 directions, heated seats, multi-drive, leather steering wheel and gearshift lever, smoker package, compass, electric side mirrors with heating.

The GMC Savana car have ABS on all four wheels and StabiliTrak system (Active system antiproteinase). In the car, be sure to install the two rear front airbags for driver and passenger, and the car definitely comes with side airbags for driver and front passenger, and passengers in the cabin. The vehicles are equipped with safety glass, which is difficult to cut yourself or cause serious injury when they break. On the seats there are mounts for child seats.

It should also be noted that the GMC Savana car warranty 5 years or 100,000 miles (

160 000 km), whichever comes first. Warranty world, that is, works in any country where there is an official dealer GMC. Several tuning houses in the U.S., including GM itself release an updated Shrouds . or rather tune the car GMC Savana. Tuned the car more comfortable and convenient, they are usually referred to as GMC Savana Conversion (Giemsa Shroud Conversion). Cars GMC Savana Conversion can be safely attributed to the premium class. Basically version Conversion features leather interior with wood trim, comfortable seats, external kit, additional multimedia devices.

A fairly long warranty, interest tuning to the van, owner reviews in the U.S. and in Russia, speaking about reliability, durability and practicality of the car GMC Savana.