How to buy a used car?

How to buy a used car?The number of offers great variety and in order to choose a really decent car, have to put a lot of effort. Well, if you have experience in this area, or you have a friend who understands in this business, but if not, don’t despair, there’s always a first time.

The best time to buy a car, from the standpoint of economy, it is considered winter. The demand for cars drops dramatically. This is due primarily to the fact that many don’t want to master an unfamiliar car in difficult winter conditions. Besides the holidays eat up a large portion of the budget. But from the point of view of practical reasons, car is best in spring, summer, and early autumn, in dry weather and daylight hours.

Many buyers quickly determine the choice of car that you want to purchase. At this stage it is worth thinking not only about the brand, color, year of manufacture and other important things, but if you can afford a car like this cost on contents will not be affected whether your regular monthly budget, given the sudden failure, spending on petrol, car tax and insurance. Determining the specific amount you wish to spend on buying a car, don’t forget to the cost of the car to throw about 15-20% of the price of the machine. The money you will spend on making the sale, registration, inspection stickers (if required), insurance. When you decide the amount and the desired vehicle, proceed to the next question: where to buy a car. You can buy a car from friends. The choice in this case no, but often this option is the best – you can count on reasonable price, the car will not have problems with documents at registration.

Another popular option is the market. Here you can see several cars that competition increases tractability sellers. The market should go and then to determine the maximum rates of interest on your option as well as to practice and apply knowledge in the field of broken machines.

Buying a car directly from the former owner through the classified ads is a quite convenient way. The main goal of ads is to attract more potential buyers. Try to highlight only the information, which you can verify the year of production, color. Indicating in the Declaration of the amount of mileage, it happens that sellers write what he wants to read the buyer, however, to verify this information is not possible. It is worth remembering that during the year under normal use on car rides about 40-60 thousand km If the seller says is too small for the age of car mileage, it is worth considering. Prolonged standing in a garage does not benefit the car. Often in ads post pictures of cars that are going to sell. Already it is possible to determine its state.

On the Internet you can find a lot of advice about what to ask on the phone. Will lead key from them, and you in this list will add exactly what is interesting to you. So:

1. The overall condition of the car (subjective point of view of the seller);

2. Dents, scratches;

3. The presence of inspection for the next year;

4. Options checkout;

5. VIN.

6. An additional option.

Item 5 was new to me and, honestly, I did not dare to use it. However, if you know the VIN, you can “break” it on the Internet or from an authorized dealer. The resulting information will tell you about picking what color and what additional equipment the car came off the Assembly line and when it was released. Will compare these data with the real car.

So, you go to the car inspection. What here to consider? The body is the most expensive and difficult to repair part of the machine. The principle of selection for all cars one – the minimum amount of corrosion and the sameness of the gaps in the openings of the doors, hood and trunk. Here, advice from the professionals. The body must be perfectly clean. For starters, take a look around the car a few times and look at the size of the cracks of the doors, hood, trunk. From all sides they must be on the same level, and gaps are the same size. Inspect the sill, bottom edge of all doors from the inside. Lift the floor mats and make sure the floor is not rusted. Step away from the car 1.5-2 meters, sit on your heels and slip on the side of the car. It needs to be flat, without waves. Artisanal bodywork repairs on doors, the wings remain flaws that can only be seen. Alternately open and close all the car doors. If the body is in order and the geometry is not broken after an accident or he efficiently restored, all doors must be opened and closed with the same effort. Broken body geometry – a sign of a serious bat machine that is not worth buying, especially since poor maintenance.

Engine. Too clean or very dirty, the engine should be cause for concern. It is either washed, to hide the traces of a leak, or have not served. Drip oil and fluids on the motor should not be.

With the engine off check the operation of the pedals. Click several times on the clutch pedal and gas. You should not feel under foot “jamming” while throwing. Then press on the brake pedal . Free pedal travel must take place, but to be minimal. If the pedal is “buried” in a large amplitude before it is activated, then these brakes will require either adjustment or replacement. Upon reaching the stop, keep pressure on the pedal for 20-30 seconds. The pedal should be hard as a rock, and completely motionless. If the under the foot pedal will slowly go to the floor – it is a faulty master cylinder, which will require immediate replacement.

When turning the ignition key one position must light up red warning light of the lack of oil pressure and signal lack of battery charging.

Start the engine. It needs to be got, as they say, “half a turn”. A quick tap of the gas pedal sharply increase its speed. Well adjusted engine will pick up your team without any hesitation. If pressing the accelerator the engine revs up late or with the apparent “failures”, – consider what you have on hand many problems as with this defect you will not be able to successfully start. This engine’s appetite for fuel is huge.

Leave the engine to work and, well tightening the Parking brake, get out and open the hood. For best listening, remove the oil fill cap. If you don’t know how to get to the throttle valve so as to increase the speed without the gas pedal, ask your partner to drive and increase the speed to medium. You heard the rattling metal sounds or of the neck, which you have opened, billowing smoke (indicating a significant wear of the piston system) – it is better not to continue the inspection and leave. The sound is serviceable and properly adjusted motor pleasant and monotonous. At a minimum idling engine operation is determined by the steady rhythm and stillness. If the engine rhythm is disturbed, it shakes – it can be as trivial and serious problems, to determine which only a special test.

Pay attention to the exhaust . Have not worn, not superheated and properly operating engine exhaust is colorless and nothing, except that you buy a car on a cold day, when the temperature difference creates a steam effect that in such circumstances, inevitable. Ask your partner to take it up a gear. If you see white smoke is an indication that water from the cooling system enters the combustion chamber. Gray-blue smoke from the muffler – evidence of heavy wear piston system. Black smoke is not a terrible thing, but not urgent adjustments. Black smoke indicates pereobogaschenie combustible mixture and in the worst case will require replacement of the carburetor.

Chassis. First look at the wheels: worn unevenly wheel – evidence of problems with balancing. Test drive try until it stops to turn the wheel in different directions. If the chassis is working, there should be no extraneous noise, crackle and knocks. Check the gearbox . For mechanical free sounds, extra effort and “jumping down” lever from the transmission. Auto box you need to check all modes of operation. Definitely need to drive it and make sure that the box operates smoothly without jerks, noises, twitching and wheelspin.

Be sure to check the operation of headlights . wipers . Windows . signal . The state of the interior also plays an important role. Rate comfortable you feel in it. The condition of the driver’s seat, belts.

Do not forget to check the chassis and motor . Identification plate the body number should be under the hood. The VIN is also located on the body. Compare it with the number in the documents. Numbers and letters should be readable, otherwise there will be problems with expertise when setting the machine on the account in traffic police.

Finally, the last stage of buying a car – transaction processing . In order to register the transaction, it is necessary to remove the vehicle from the register, to execute a contract of sale, then place the car on the account and issue the policy CTP. By the way, all this can be done in one day in one place. During the sale of the machine by proxy machine remains the property of the seller, and it could mean some problems, for example, with the payment of taxes.

I wish you good luck and good shopping!