7 best cities where you can inexpensively rent a car luxury

7 best cities where you can inexpensively rent a car luxuryScenic coastline, which lies along the serpentine roads, rapid car and a refreshing sea breeze.

As it turned out, to give yourself this luxury is easier than it seems.

Nice and the surrounding area. Ferrari 360

On the French Riviera, on a route of just over two hundred kilometers, located in Saint-Tropez, Cannes, nice and Monaco. The best restaurants, the best wines, the best yachts and the best car is a stunning even experienced. A couple of days in nice surroundings will leave a lasting impression, especially if you hold them behind the wheel of the Ferrari 360, the models are very modest immodest brand.

Dream can come true for 400 € per day and 5000 € security Deposit. For the money you can drive 100 km kilometres over Limit are paid in addition to the 3.8 € for each. Entertainment for the category 25 years.

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Zurich and mountain expensive Swiss cantons. Porsche 911

There is no sea coast. But here is the beauty and fresh air of the Alps, the best cheeses and chocolate, well-being, relaxation and… drive behind the wheel of the legendary Porsche 911. Winding mountain roads with gorgeous floors provide an opportunity to unlock the potential of this iconic car.

This entertainment will cost 500 € per day, to this we must add 39 € for the delivery of the car to Zurich, to prepare 5000 € on the credit card as a Deposit and do not forget to keep track of mileage – the limit per day is 300 km over Limit kilometers are 2.2 € each. The age limit is 25 years.

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Miami. Aston Martin Vantage

Miami – the main place of attraction on the East Coast of the US, modest shelter Iggy Pop, Anna Kournikova, Jennifer Lopez, Julio Iglesias, Madonna, Shakira, Shaquille Onila, Sylvester Stallone, cher, Gianni Versace, Julia Roberts and many others. Fine, but restrained pleasures of Europe are replaced here by unbridled spirit of American freedom.

The real speed you can feel, cleaving along the coast of the Aston Martin Vantage. It will cost 880 $ in day if ordered and paid for in advance online. In offices more expensive and significantly.

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Los Angeles. Corvette Grand Sport

In Sunny California began the most daring and freedom-loving movement: psychedelic and sexual revolutions, experiments in the fields of music, film and visual arts. Now it is the world capital of innovation in the field of IT and cinema, evidenced by the headquarters of Apple and Cisco.

Los Angeles with Hollywood and neighboring Las Vegas – exactly the places you want to ride in a car. And to make it better on a real American car, stuffed Corvette Grand Sport. Particularly pleased that it will be cheaper than anything else in this segment – 399 $ per day. Insurance will in place, payment will accept both card and cash, but the security Deposit will block still on the map. Americans are more loyal to age restrictions: some need to be over 25, somewhere over the age of 21.

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Dubai. Lamborghini Gallardo

Dubai – a city that loves to show untold riches. Arab sheiks set the tone, so the market is replete with proposals for lease expensive cars. Here to match the decor will have to fork out and choose something more expensive. For Example, The Lamborghini Gallardo.

Moreover, because of the abundance of proposals can out cheaper than in Europe and the USA. The security Deposit will be 10 000 AED (about 76 000) and rental will cost 5000 AED per day (38 000). Age limit: 25 years. Can get 2 credit cards instead of one.

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London. Bentley Cont Flying Spur

Personable, wealthy and conservative, London has to experience the emotions of another quality than enthusiasm and drive. Here, if life is good, not where rush and no need to experiment.

If destined ever to sit behind the wheel of a Bentley, then it must be done certainly in London. This Prim gesture will cost 380 pounds per day and will require sir to be over 25, to leave a Deposit of £ 1,500. And, most importantly, the willingness to sit at the right wheel.

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Rome. Maserati GranCabrio Sport

The eternal City, perhaps the most beautiful on earth, should be enjoyed from an equally beautiful car. Of course, with an open top. Of course, he must be Italian. Of course, we are talking about the Maserati. And after enjoying the city, why not take a trip along the coast to Naples?

Less than two hundred miles for such a machine is a matter of minutes. Returning this perfection on arrival, you can end the day with a famous Neapolitan pizza and good wine. Cost entertainment will be 750 € + standard 5000 € Deposit.

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