Car for a new driver

Car for a new driverBuying a car for the novice driver is not an easy task. In addition to the main factors to consider when buying a car, you must also take into consideration the small driving experience to a beginner. Factors influencing the choice of a car:

The price of the car and the amount of funds that you are willing to spend to buy a car. The cost of car maintenance (parts replacement, out of service). The fuel consumption. The higher the consumption, the more you have to spend money on travel. Body shape and the dimensions of the car. Because of the small driving experience, you need to take the car is not too expensive, in which case the repairs do not cost too much. A new driver can to the garage and not fall, and when the Parking lot to catch the other cars and the curb stop. The road does not forgive mistakes – each gets in the pocket. For the same reasons, better to take the first car of small size. The distance of travel and the routes on which they will be held. Is to decide why you need a car to drive fast, to go with the family on vacation, or you prefer to go fishing on forest lake?

Road safety – the most important rule. For anybody not a secret that the majority of accidents are committed by novice drivers. Therefore, it is important to worry about their safety and the safety of its passengers.

When buying a car make sure that all seatbelts are present, that is, the airbag at least the driver and passenger to his right. Take the car to a diagnostic center, where it will check not only the brakes, but will tell you what will need to be replaced after purchase. Center vehicle diagnostics – mandatory the place where you want to go before buying a car for novice drivers. Except for small driving experience, beginners and even weak knowledge of devices of the car. Externally the car may seem perfect, but under the hood will need a month after purchase to change everything. Never spare money on the diagnosis, believe me, you will save ten times more money if the diagnosis will prove that you tried to foist a defective car.

Many drivers like extreme car driving is not an exception and newcomers. How nice to drown the gas pedal to the floor on a smooth road… But not everyone understands how it would end. Speeding is a danger to traffic. In addition, in order to go faster you need a good car, which is far from cheap, road maintenance and gets great fuel consumption. Judge for yourself, will you be able to contain the fast, but expensive cars and what happens if you suddenly find yourself in an accident.

In summary, I advise you to choose an inexperienced driver car based on the following recommendations:

Buy cheap used cars.

Before you buy be sure to visit the diagnostic center. So you protect yourself from buying just the car alive.

Take a car with low fuel consumption. After obtaining the rights, you even the shop across the road will drive the car, so should be the fact that, especially at first, you will have to travel a lot.

Buy a safe car. Belts and airbags, strong body.

Recommend to take car of small size – most of these cars with hatchback.

Good shopping!