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How to protect your car from theft?

Only in Lipetsk are stolen every year about 85 cars. Dynamics of hijackings disappointing – each year are stolen more and more. Therefore, the protection of the vehicle from theft becomes a very important task.

Picking effective methods of protection against theft, you need to follow the same principle that we use to protect the house from intruders. Secure locks, steel doors, CCTV and alarm system ineffective individually. But together they allow you to securely secure your home. Exactly the same things and with the protection of the car. One of the most effective remedies are the BP MOTORS.

Mechanical protection

Despite the wide range of electronic means of protection, most drivers trust mechanical locks, believing that “against scrap no reception”.

Popular mechanical locking devices installed on the gearbox, which is popularly known as “multilok” – such remedies manufactures in the Czech Republic the company “CONSTRUCT” (Czech Republic, Velke Mezirici. Representative office in Russia, Moscow).

The advantage of mechanical means of protection against theft “CONSTRUCT” is that access to them can only contact method, i.e., by turning the key and only being in the car. Unlike electronic anti-theft tools, mechanical locks cannot be disabled in the distance. Thieves may try to dismantle the device, however, all manufacturers bundle mechanical anti-theft locks the so-called “stalling” screws, the cap of which falls during the installation, which cannot Unscrew them.

Castle “CONSTRUCT” attached to the body and has a cylinder for increased secrecy and heavy-duty shackle, which can be cut only with a diamond nail file, and then only with great difficulty. The shackle is inserted into the lock so that the gearshift lever was inside the bow. After that it will be impossible to change gear – the handle will not move the lever.

Pin multilok also has two varieties. The first is similar to the construction of the castle multilok, but instead of a shackle pin is used, does not allow to change gears. Locks second species are as follows: in the transmission is inserted the pin with notches. Then this pin, in turn, is locked by the lock so that it cannot pull out.

Mechanical protection comes and hood locks. It restricts access to the engine compartment and does not allow the attackers to get close to electronic components associated with the alarm and other vehicle systems.

Hijacker-specialist will understand easily with alarm system or multilok who mounted “handyman”. Therefore, it is better not to engage in independent action, but to go to a specialized shop, where can find comprehensive protection for your car and properly install it.

Stories from the life of car owners. Prevented the theft of the Mazda CX7.

As shown by statistics, Mazda SH very popular car among Lipetsk hijackers. Since the beginning of 2013 has already been stolen 7 car Mazda SH. Failed attempts of theft was only 3. Why was that? Because the hijackers, to the delight of car owners, are unable to steal another Mazda SH. To prevent hijacking helped is installed in the machine lock “CONSTRUCT”. About how it was first hand…

Tells the client the auto shop ” BP – Motors ” on Ushinsky Sergei Lesenkov, the owner of the car Mazda SH: I never thought it could happen to me. I bought the car. Registered Mazda club. I read there that often stolen Mazda SH. One message read that it was prevented car theft thanks to the lock “CONSTRUCT” on the automatic transmission. I read the other forums. All who put the “CONSTRUCT” spoke very well about him and also decided to put yourself in the appendage to the usual alarm. The attempt to hijack my car was in the middle of August 2013. Since buying the car took six months. Arrived as usual after work and put the car in the yard. In the morning discovered that the car was trying to steal: the thieves tried to unlock the automatic transmission, opened the hood and pulled the engine control unit. Yes, open the hood they got it, but unblock automatic transmission – no! I’m not upset. The main result – the machine has stayed with me! All thanks to the lock “CONSTRUCT”.

Expert commentary:

Alexander Aprilov, master installation center BP-Motors on Ushinsky: Castle “CONSTRUCT” – a very handy anti-theft system. This system is convenient because put two locks and locks additionally the hood. Key only one. It is always only the owner. Despite the fact that some of the craftsmen is a problem with opening the hood, unlock the gearbox they fail. The advantage of anti-theft lock in that it completely eliminates unauthorized access to the checkpoint. Therefore, not visible lock “CONSTRUCT” nor to steal, nor to get to “vital” important parts of a car.

What you need to know that the car is not stolen?

I will not here describe countless options of security complexes, just describe a few General principles to be followed.

1) an Expensive car should be on a guarded Parking lot or in the garage. Firstly, that she was less visible and it accidentally got my eye passing by; secondly, to reduce the likelihood of attempted theft (thefts most often occur at night); in the third, that would not detect a car in the morning at his place, but without mirrors, navigation, steering wheel with airbag etc.

2) To protect the car from theft is very important not just to bet, but WHERE to put. Just as in dentistry – is not only important WHAT you put the seal, but also WHO and how well it puts. Refer only to the professionals, to the people You trust!

3) If the there is no Parking lot or garage, leave the car at night on the road, better Park it in the yard. From the yard she will not be taken away by tow truck.

4) Activate in the car the automatic door closing at the beginning of the movement – it will not allow anyone to open the door from the outside. It is not only the hijackers, but the Snatchers aggressive or just inadequate, which is now on the road big set.

5) Activate the function in the car for a phased opening of the doors, i.e. the removal of security only opens the driver’s door, and after a second push on the button is already all the rest. Again, this will significantly reduce the risks of becoming a victim of various criminal elements.

6) Install the lock “CONSTRUCT”.

7) If You are an ardent opponent of different security systems and believe only in hull, we set in the car at least GSM-tracker, it is installed without any interference with the regular system of the car, but in case of car theft this beacon will help to detect the location and return to the rightful owner. Cars are often stolen and leave it for a while in some back yard near the scene of the theft.