People’s car: Daewoo Gentra is synonymous with practicality

People's car: Daewoo Gentra is synonymous with practicalityI appreciate people who are willing to pay for a good, modern car less than four hundred thousand rubles? First of all, practicality. Today, buyers want to own the car at all occasions. The main thing is that the car did not disappoint, and the reliability must be combined with relevant technical solutions. Technology for a reasonable price – it is the characteristic of Daewoo Gentra – a real role model among practical family car class.

Endurance and modesty

To start to tell you about this car is better with his size. This car is optimal and therefore the most popular format. C-class, the most common among those who know little expense money. Cars are designed by famous South Korean company together with the largest American manufacturer that guarantees the best technical solutions. However, the machine is perfectly adapted for countries with poor roads. But this does not mean that its performance is intended only for such roads. Daewoo of Centre was neither more nor less, and a traveling machine in the program “Top gear”! Moreover, the audience of racing the British touring car championship sports car could see a familiar silhouette in races on perfectly smooth roads. Such forward-looking design combined with amazing stamina. There is the belief that Daewoo of Centre as time-tested yet upgraded, ideal to the modern citizen, and a resident of the heartland. In short, one in two people.

High class for little money

Do not think that a cheap car can offer modern technology. It’s not about Centro. Let’s not compare with cars in this price range – it is enough to tell everything about a few nuances. How do you react to that with any engine offered automatic transmission? Moreover, the “machine” on this DEU a six-speed! Well, hard to argue with that, but this is only the beginning. The engine has variable valve timing – connoisseurs know that this is the guarantee reduced fuel consumption and high power and torque. Speaking about the engine, it should be said that the timing chain. And this is another plus for practicality – unlike the belt, the chain is much more reliable. The owner of this Daewoo can be sure that when slippage of the wheels on the local roads of the valve is not bent, and not have to fork out for very expensive repairs.

Pleasant nuances

The practicality of auto – everything. Sometimes it seems that engineers are more than one thousand kilometers traveled in adverse conditions, to anticipate all possible problems of the future owner. We can say that things like fog lights in every configuration – a trifle, but sometimes she saves from the accident. The same can be said on daytime running lamps – this system includes an optional list of many more expensive brands, but here she is in “base”. The creators have made sure first of all that the owners had no problems on the road.

Peace and comfort

In General, developers are not stingy, equipping the car. Happy owner of Daewoo Gentra waiting two airbags, and his children will save fixing seat Isofix. During the trip your ears will delight excellent sounding audio system standard 2-din with controls on the steering wheel, practical and also the presence of the heated windscreen in the area of the wipers. All together makes a decent impression. And, considering the price and practicality of the machine, this impression will cost not expensive. If you were to describe Daewoo of Centre in two words, it would be “the Perfect choice for those who value practicality and able to take your money.”